At Zameen, an EMPG company, we are looking to further expand our Pakistan engineering office of already 100+. We are most interested in bringing on board colleagues who love to learn, perform, and teach. We are building a high-quality engineering environment with a super focus on delivering value to customers. Your primary responsibility would be to build world-class suite products to support the hyper-growth of our businesses in 8 countries.

Required Skill Set:

• Minimum 8+ years of relevant experience

• Experience working as part of an Agile team

• Advanced understanding of web architecture and database fundamental

• Demonstrate the ability to work as part of a development team with a range of scientific and professional backgrounds

• Understanding of OOP principles, JavaScript and MVC frameworks

• Expertise in JavaScript, Node.js, Angular, React will be highly preferred

• Experience with creating APIs for third parties and consuming third-party APIs will be a plus

• Experience integrating with external systems will be a plus

• Familiar with following technologies:

o Node 8.0 with promises, async/await, generators and coroutines

o Backend frameworks including Express.js, GraphQL and Sequelize Storage solutions like MySql, Postgres and Redis Pub/Sub through Amazon SQS and RabbitMQ

o Frontend technologies include Angular, Typescript, Webpack, Babel, Bootstrap, NPM

Good Luck!