Job Summary:

The Quality Assurance & Compliance Manager will oversee the performance of the Q&C department and staff, developing, implementing, and maintaining a system of quality and reliability testing for the organization’s products and/or development processes.

Managerial Responsibilities:

  • Oversees the daily workflow and schedules of the department.
  • Conducts performance evaluations that are timely and constructive.
  • Handles discipline and termination of employees in accordance with company policy.

Typical Day at work:

  • Develops, implements, and manages processes to ensure that products meet required specifications for quality, function, and reliability prior to delivery
  • Identifies and sets appropriate quality standards and parameters for products
  • Communicates quality standards and parameters to QA team, product development team, and other appropriate staff
  • Coordinates product testing processes
  • Participates in product testing
  • Identifies and analyzes issues, bugs, defects, and other problems, particularly when problems recur in multiple products; recommends and facilitates solutions to these issues
  • Reviews client, customer, and user feedback
  • Maintains compliance with federal, state, local, and organizational laws, regulations, guidelines, and policies
  • Performs other duties as assigned

Required Skills/Abilities:

  • Strong Analytical skills
  • Problem solving skills
  • Excellent technical skills
  • Good numerical skills and an understanding of statistics
  • Leadership aptitude
  • Formulate strategies to increase productivity
  • IT skills.

Education and Experience:

  • Bachelor’s degree in Business, Engineering, or field related to the products being developed required.
  • 8-10 years of experience of Leading role in Quality Assurance.