About Us:

Zameen.com is a part of The Emerging Markets Property Group (EMPG) which owns and operates bespoke property verticals in emerging markets. Major brands falling under the blanket of EMPG are Bayut.com in the UAE, Zameen.com in Pakistan, Bproperty.com in Bangladesh and Mubawab.ma in Morocco. At EMPG, with a team of 1500+ employees, we disrupt traditional processes and empower leaders for powerful solutions.

About the Job:

You will be working with real estate industry shapers and leaders to define a remarkable experience for our 5 million monthly consumers looking for renting or buying a property. You will be employing real users data to make design decisions and help define the vision for the product by incorporating clients feedback.

Job Opening: Full Stack Developer

Location: Lahore, PK

Total Positions: 5+

Required Skill Set:

• Minimum 4+ years of relevant experience

• Experience working as part of an Agile team

• Advanced understanding of web architecture and database fundamental

• Demonstrate the ability to work independently and as part of a development team with a range of scientific and professional backgrounds

• Understanding of OOP principles, JavaScript and MVC frameworks

• Expertise in JavaScript, Node.js, Angular, React will be highly preferred

• Experience with creating APIs for third parties and consuming third-party APIs will be a plus

• Experience integrating with external systems will be a plus

• Familiar with following technologies:

o Node 8.0 with promises, async/await, generators and coroutines

o Backend frameworks including Express.js, GraphQL and Sequelize Storage solutions like MySql, Postgres and Redis Pub/Sub through Amazon SQS and RabbitMQ

o Frontend technologies include Angular, Typescript, Webpack, Babel, Bootstrap, NPM

Good Luck!