Job Brief:

To design & deliver sales proficiency and productivity programs that support overall sales initiatives, scale with the growth of the organization, and meet the requirements of sales teams for new and existing sales representatives.

Job Responsibilities:

Training & Development Content:

• To assist with overall training strategy, execution, and delivery of training programs across the business. Manager Training and Development is responsible for planning, organizing and directing training and development programs for employees for the purpose of increasing individual and organizational performance and for the purpose of improving employee morale while simultaneously enhancing their skills.

• To develop and maintain interactive learning solutions that drive measurable results for the business and guarantee that those solutions are well defined and are up to the business’s quality standards.

• Project owner and content manager for sales training curriculum. This includes creating and maintaining a best-in-class training platform customized to the organization’s needs.

Customers & Stakeholders:

• Work closely and in collaboration with various department heads (sales, marketing, acquisition) and employees in developing unique and effective training solutions specific to the needs of the organization.

Analytics and Reporting:

• To develop and evaluate training methods and initiatives and measure their effectiveness, bringing forth strategic recommendations for training and staffing methods and approaches where necessary

• To analyse participants, provide feedback on all ongoing training initiatives and prepare reports as required by senior training and development manager as well as departmental heads

New Hires Sales Training Process:

• Ensure new hires are well trained and able to demonstrate compelling sales abilities upon completion of the training sessions. This will include assessing current new sales force member on-boarding and the initial training process, improving and standardizing the new hire model to a best-in-class approach and developing the sales training curriculum for the company’s product portfolio.

• Measuring and reporting on training effectiveness of the new hire training process, creating, organizing and leading/facilitating/conducting sales training sessions, and coaching sales personnel.

Job Requirements:

• Education: Bachelor’s degree in Training and Development/ Psychology/ Education/ Human Resources/ Business

• Experience: 5-7 years of relevant experience


Analytical Skills:

• Demonstrated ability to pinpoint, analyze, assess training needs within the business, translating those needs into actionable training initiatives.

• Ability to assess the performance of existent training programs identifying points of improvement and developing new improved strategies and initiatives.

Instructional Design:

• Develops measurable learning objectives and assesses audience understanding during, and at the conclusion of the training

• Bases training design and development on accurate, current information consistent with sound theories and principles of adult learning

• Integrates information that is comprehensive, meaningful, and relevant to participant needs, making connections between theory and practice

• Designs training programs that are applicable and specific to the participants’ work settings and modalities